Can Chris Hemsworth leaving behind her character of Thor?


Chris Hemsworth is an actor practically nascent, his career barely spanning a decade, of which nine years have been dedicated to the God of Thunder in the franchise of The Avengers from Marvel. As Thor, australian actor has gained a foothold in popular memory as the superhero: charismatic, gallant, sympathetic, and courageous, who could join the Guardians of the Galaxy – 91% in the next movie of the team led by Star-Lord; but, as well as has a forged that image, belong to this assembly has opened other doors for you to diversify your career, however, your parallel jobs will have meaning challenges children in matters of interpretation, or well, you get roles with similar characteristics to that of the hero. All this makes us ask if Chris Hemsworth will leave behind the Marvel character.

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While for many actors to get involved in a superhero movie is a springboard for their careers, for others it is the end of it, or his curse; actors that are worth mentioning after a character, there are, for example, the target that has had Robert Downey Jr. who, after abandoning the suit of Iron Man, his subsequent movie, Dolittle – 28% has been one of the biggest failures of office of the year. Although not all have run out of luck, Chris Evans has taken a more cautious approach and dazzled in the comedy Between the Knives and the Secrets – 100%, while Scarlett Johansson was the one who gave the performance more remarkable of the whole assembly with his double nomination at the Oscars for the Story of a Marriage – 98% and Jojo Rabbit – 75%.

After the two-part Avengers: Infinity War – 79%, and Avengers: Endgame – 95%, of films that closed the history of the Avengers original, Hemsworth has released his latest project: Rescue Mission, a thriller of action that gives life to Tyler Rake, a mercenary who is hired to rescue the child kidnapped from a capo of the mafia in india who is in prison. Although the plot does not follow the line fantastic, it is the adaptation of the comic City Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Andre Parks and Fernando León González. In the footsteps of Marvel not only come from the source material, the movie also featured the production of the brothers Russo, while its director, Sam Hargrave, was stunt coordinator of risk in the films of the study; therefore, the australian has not passed the test.

It is still early to estimate the path followed by Chris Hemsworthhowever, the work that has been delivered in the last decade provide us with items to be placed as an actor who hardly goes out of his comfort zone, but when he does he succeeds in touching us.

Their roles outside of Marvel require little and share similar characteristics with the superhero

If we look carefully at the filmography of Chris Hemsworth, we will see that in your most of them are action movies or franchises, in fact, his second movie was Star Trek – 95%. In addition, in most of them gives life to men of action, characters that wield weapons or have to be the ones that save the day, as it happened when I cut the head to Thanos; these features not only we have seen in the movies of the franchise, the same thing happened in snow White and the Huntsman – 48%, and its sequel, as well as in company of Heroes – 55% and in their most recent production, Rescue Mission.

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But when he is not the hero, it is the silly handsome, so it was in Ghostbusters – 73% and Men in Black: the International – 43%, in which, by the way, came back to share screen with their coestrella of Thor: Ragnarok – 92%, Tessa Thompson, looking more like a sequel to Thor – 77% of the own Men in Black – 92%. It is not that satanicemos the genres, but the actor has not been risky to take complex roles that are allowed to show their dimensions dramatic.

Will continue carrying the layer and the Mjölnir for a while longer

Despite the fact that the history of the Avengers original ended with Avengers: Endgameat least officially, Chris Hemsworth will continue carrying the layer and the Mjölnir for a while, at least until 2022 will be the year of the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth installment of the saga of films in a solo character. With Taika Waititi returning to the director’s chair after Thor: Ragnarok, and the addition of Christian Bale as the villain, as well as the return of Natalie Portman, it is expected to generate more adventures for the God of Thunder, within the Movie Universe Marvel.

Their roles more mature show that could transcend to Marvel

There are very few movies that Chris Hemsworth has been allowed to shine with characters that go up to the last consequence of their acts, perhaps the most prominent is their embodiment of the pilot car racing, James Hunt, in the tape Rush, Passion and Glory – 89%, of Ron Howard. With a co-starring at the height as Daniel Brühl giving life to Niki Lauda, the movie focused on the rivalry of the two drivers racing, the film was the vehicle of showcasing their skills for the stage, delivering a remarkable work that was allowed to explore the light and darkness of the real character.

The australian was again put under the orders of Howard, In the Heart Of The Sea – 43%, showing an interpretation mature, however, none has returned to be at the height of Rush. If it is once proved that there is life after Marvel, we’re sure you can do it again in the future.

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