Chicago has not taken a final decision on your wedding



The singer Chicago, and his brand new fiance, the reputed urologist Miguel Sánchez Encinas, is preparing to star in a wedding most media this summer for the chronic social Spanish before the crisis of the coronavirus could cause a paralysis of economic and social unprecedented. Of time, and also taking into account that the prestigious doctor is in the first line of battle against the pandemic, it is understandable that the two lovers have been placed “on pause” its plans.

Thus has been described the situation, the famous interpreter and collaborator of television programs in his last conversation with the magazine Hello!, that however has not confirmed that the link had to be suspended or postponed as such, the margin of the next month of June seems still too close to the situation to allow a celebration mass.

In that sense, the music star has openly acknowledged that he still does not know what will happen in this regard and, in addition, has left the door open to the possibility that the civil ceremony they had planned, a on the other hand, does not differ too much from a religious one in which certain traditions are concerned, have to occur behind closed doors and with the only presence of the parties.

The one that was a finalist for ‘Operation Triumph’ also has an impact on the concern and nervousness that can invade account of the work, so delicate that plays these days, his partner, to which it seeks comfort at home by watching your favorite series or chatting quietly in front of a coffee.