Child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt never wanted to the actor and there is evidence


A controversial photo revealed recently shows the discomfort of Maddox during the wedding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Maddox is the eldest son of the actress Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, it was the same actress who took him in 2002 in Cambodia.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt formed one of the couples more solid in the entertainment industry with three biological children Shilow, Viviene and Knox (the latter two twins) and three adopted Pax, Zahara and Maddox, who together formed a great family.

However, the reality within the “loving” family Brad and Angelina is that apparently in the last few years of her marriage there wasn’t a good relationship of the actor with one of his sons, Maddoxthe first child that she adopted.

Even, one of the reasons why the actress Angelina filed for divorce was an altercation that “father and son” held on a plane, so that the relationship was not the same since that time.

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Now is the son of Brad Pitt has given controversial statements in which he has foreshadowed that he never wanted the actor and a photo and an interview that will be made at today’s college support the rumors outraged that he felt with the wedding of her mother.

The actors met when they starred in Mr and Mrs Smith and joined their lives in the 2014 after a few years of being a couple because they both refused to be bound by legal way, until your union out valid for all people.

However, there is a proof of that is that not all of them were very happy with this wedding, as a photo shared by the account @shilohjoliepittofficial, shows a time with the whole family gathered together posing on a staircase and smiling, all less Maddoxthe elder son of the couple.

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It is worth mentioning that Maddox it has a very close relationship with the actress since the first child we adopted years before we met Brad, so that, together, Angelina and Maddox they toured the world and had each other that allowed them to create a great connection.

At the time Brad and Angelina they started their romance, the actor will take a lot of time to create a connection with the small at that time.

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So Maddoxin the beginning was not according to the union of the actors, on the other hand maybe the discomfort of the young man to continue with the latest news from the single life of Brad, who is rumoured strongly that he returned to the arms of Jennifer Aniston.

So, the above perhaps could be a low blow on the part of Maddox his father, as in a recent interview that was done to the young by the magazine In Touch, the young man replied very evasive to the cuestionarle about if his father would visit them in their new university in South Korea.

I don’t know anything about that, nor that will happen between us, responded in a friendly way.

Subsequently, he was questioned about whether the link between the two it would have broken for ever to which he replied.

Well, what has to happen, will happen

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In addition, a source told the magazine Us Weelky that the Maddox “does not see himself as the son of Brad Pitt”. Despite the fact that it is also the adoptive son of the actor.