Chris Pratt puts in way Wolverine for the quarantine

Less evil that is the Star Lord Marvel, because if not… Effectively, all we adore Chris Pratt. The actor is one of those types that we have won the heart, to the point that every time that is dropped by the big screen, the audience rushes to fill the rooms.

With a few projects in the portfolio, the good Pratt is, like all of us, confined at your home these days. Tap wait for the pandemic to pass to come back to life. Meanwhile, the actor kills the time as you can, which has resulted in a spectacular image. And is that Chris Pratt has decided to be a look at what Wolverine we have flown in the head. In fact, we have not been able to avoid thinking about the possibility of that goal by the skin of the famous mutant, as in Marvel you are looking for a performer for the role. Pity that you already have square fuck between the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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