Conan O’brien closed the meeting business of Real Zoom to assault wildly to CEO and employees

We’ve all seen the stories about the dangers and inherent risks of the meetings of Zoom, from the poor woman who accidentally brought his laptop to the bathroom until all that stood before going offline to prove once and for all that no one wears pants.

Well, Conan O’brien Took it to the next level when it crashed into a meeting of real business and immediately began to dress all the attendees, including the CEO of the company. The free advertising that Conan gave the software TIBCO can be invaluable, but had a high cost.

He was absolutely ruthless when toasting to almost all of the attendees to the meeting, but no one was more struck that the CEO Dan Streetman, who laughed louder than anyone. His real goal was to try to raise the morale of the workers of the company with a little bit of fun, and he succeeded mostly.

Received the approval of the children of an employee when he asked them if they thought that I was contributing something of value to the company. Hilariously, I had many ideas of what I could do … ideas that I read directly from their website.

But above all, he just shouted and raved to all, starting with the poor Dan. Interrupted the call when the CEO was giving a basic summary of your objective of attending these local meetings of the team.

In the midst of his comments, Conan came in and said: “I Wanted to break mainly because it is quite clear that Dan has been lost with TIBCO. I mean, if you have to put the name of your company in a bar behind you, things get sad. “

In fact, Dan had a digital background of a bar scene with the logo of the company. As we progressed to the meeting, changed to other funds, all with the logo of TIBCO adorned in any part, and this did not escape the attention of Conan, who then shouted: “Dan, you were great for the company since the beginning when you were hungry. . But now that she is too busy putting the name of TIBCO in the furniture, forgot what we do “.

At a given time, Dan launched a response sound pretty generic to Conan, asking if they were excited about one of their products, and Conan just discovered it. “Oh, my God, when they put the chip in your brain, sank deeply, isn’t it? What happened to you?” he asked. “Do you remember when you were a roadie in a band and you had dreams? Now look at yourself”.

But don’t let all the others desengancharan, harrassing a guy for his backdrop with the theme of Hawaii, another for the thrill too and a third party for seem perhaps too relaxed on the job.

Seriously, it was a roasted classic, and definitely the type of reinforcement of morality that so many people could use at a time like this. We are not suggesting that anyone try to grill their own meetings of Zoom. It helps that Conan is a famous comedian; you could still lose your job.

Most importantly, however, it was quite funny.

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