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Batman is a multifaceted character, and very powerful, but your image might be about to change thanks to a reflection of Nic Pizzolatto, creator of True Detective.

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In 80 years of existence, Batman has been featured in countless ways in the comics, with new tools and powers that they do not cease to surprise, but, eventually, Bruce Wayne arrives at the same point, with the same enemies and, essentially, the same story.

Batman he is the hero to be more suited to film and television, so these facets, one way or another, have already been seen by much of the world and will continue to exist as new forms of the Dark Knight.

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In the comics, Batman has adopted forms of malignant that make him a villain and was about to happen on the big screen in a version of Zack Snyder never accomplished.

One of the rules of Batman, no matter how bad it gets, it is not to kill anyone. Regardless of anything, the moral code of Bruce Wayne prevents you from removing lives by the trauma of the death of their parents.

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That rule has never been violated in any of the adaptations, but Nic Pizzolatto, the creator of the series True Detective, have an idea for a challenge that includes religious themes.

Through its account of Instagram, Pizzolatto shared a reflection almost philosophical in its stance on Batman, making it clear that it is the unique character of the culture geek that is attracted.


“The policy of not killing Batman is valid and should be maintained. but that policy does not exist because it kill him to do bad or something stupid like that. The policy of not killing Batman exists because of the real and eternal enemy of Batman is the death. Death is the real enemy. A boy injured, a man immature that it can not overcome the death of their parents. It is not the Phantom of the Opera. It is not broken.

“On the contrary, Batman tells the story of how a human being uses a tragedy to be defined and transformed into the largest cross-humanist the world has ever known. The superpower of Batman is not the money. The superpower of Batman is that he thinks at all, and that has an enormous force of will. If given time to organize, could defeat God,” shared the writer.

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The version of Zack Snyder Batman V Superman it is the closest to the vision of Pizzolatto, as in the movie 2016, Man Bat almost finished with Clark Kent, but Batman ending a life is something that is still not the case.

The idea of Pizzolatto reached out to other creatives in the industry and Damon Lindelof, creator of Watchmen, he shared his theory by asking fans to make a request for the writer to do the adaptation.

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