Dani Martin perrea to the rhythm of the music of Britney Spears


I lift the hand who not yet have fallen to the charms of TikTok! Indeed, this social network is the winner in the period of quarantine we are going through. Each time are more its users who are encouraged to share their wits videos, and even the names most unthinkable have crept into the list of best “TikTokers” of the moment. Dani Martín is one of them.

Although the singer has resisted joining the platform of the moment, finally could not hold back and has already made his debut in TikTok in the best possible way, to the rhythm of Britney Spears. “And 40 days is made TIKTOKER #tiktoker #imbecil I have to make a cake or cookies!!”, shared Dani next to the video, which is priceless.

After his last success, the singer appeared on dancing one of the most emblematic songs of the history of pop: ‘Baby one more time’, become a drag queen with various disguises and moving the skeleton with a bit of theme dub twerk while wearing a t-shirt of ‘Sex Pistols’. A mixture of the less impressive, especially for their followers and fans, who have been quick to comment on the publication.

Arturo Valls, Mala Rodríguez, Macarena García and Camilo have not been able to resist the video of the singer and have not hesitated to throw a few laughs through the comments. In particular the latter, a very close friend of Dani from their joint collaboration, and that has been declared to be “his fan” from this video. Although on previous occasions had made it clear that their relationship is even of brothers, as it was commissioned for share Camilo previously: “Dani! You are my brother. I give many thanks to God that I can enjoy your company in this life!! You are an inspiration to my walk! I love you”