David Lynch claims to have “zero interest” in the remake of “Dune”


David Lynch he has talked about the next remake of “Dune”, revealing that he has “Zero interest” in the film.

The director adapted the novel of Frank Herbert in 1984, who would later become a failure in the critical and box office takings.

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However, when talking about the new movie “Dune”, Lynch admitted to remember how painful it was to make his version, “I have zero interest in Dune – why it was painful for me. It was a failure, and I didn’t have the final cut. I have told this story thousands of times. Is not the movie that I wanted to do. I like certain parts – but it was a total failure for me,” he said to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The new version of “Dune he saw published his first pictures last week, with a cast comprised of Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya, in addition to the address of Denis Villeneuve.