Day 40: Enrique and Ana vs. Dynamic Duo


The good news is that we have already complied with the quarantine… if by quarantine we understand the course of forty days. The bad, that the quarantine is going to be quite longer, much more extensive and that, at the expense of the extensions that can reach, will be closer to the 80 than the 40 days. After 40 days in Sorzano little or nothing is like that first day and all that were new are now routine, and the Holy Week has been too intense. No more tasks to do than the self-imposed, with a month of April, displaying his quality of rain and a sky too gray and leaden, returning, today, to the classroom, it seems like the best of the options so that the strained water which is circulating around here are going amansando little by little.

In normal conditions, yesterday had been a day of preparations, ordering books, preparing backpacks, you finish (at the last minute, as always), the remaining tasks and go soon to bed to go back to school with as little desire as energy. But neither one thing nor the other. The only thing lately that yes you are repeating are the early mornings, which evolve as the curve of the virus: there are days that shoots (our particular roof we have it, shortly after 6 in the morning) and there are times that the pressure on the system parent is relaxed (never much beyond the 9 of the morning).

Yesterday, at the expense of as it begins to flow today, back to school, it was one of those days, anarchic in that, within an order, each one did what he wanted. With two small at home that translates into that they did what gave them the win and the other matters essential for that or the ants we eat (that is what you have to live in the countryside, that there is, among many other critters, ants) or breaks out in home another health crisis or food. That made that mid-morning will ride in the kitchen an impromptu disco in which each one was clicking what she wanted.

It all started with the Resist. Now you are nobody if you, or not sing at least once a day or if you have not mounted a video to the are the Dynamic Duo or any of the infinite versions. I tried them like Celtas Cortos (today, 30 years later, returns to be 20 in April) and willingly ‘Tell me a story’, but in the end Valentina opted for Katy Perry (you can listen to on loop for hours ‘Roar’) and Henar opted for The Planets. If you do not specify the more we may be even proud of his choice, of course. The problem is that the choice requires a note: not the group, The Planets, is not; the song of The Planets. Yes. Enrique and Ana. Something we had done very wrong to deserve such a punishment. In the end we opted to turn off the tablet.

And if the morning was chaotic and anarchic, the afternoon was even more. Two were the protagonists: Shrek, that this step threatens to become the successor of Elsa and Ana, and the Monopoly game. I don’t know very well what grace will come to play Monopoly for video conferencingbut yesterday he gathered a half-dozen of little girls in a game virtual that, obviously, ended as they were falling down the batteries of the tablets that are used. Still without talking. Don’t have anything to be counted.