Double of Angelina Jolie spread of coronavirus in jail


According to the Centre for Human Rights in Iran, Fatemeh, who became an influencer by their similarities with the protagonist of the tape Maleficent, is admitted to the Hospital Sina and is connected to a respirator; however, it still remains under the custody of the State.

“He has been detained in Tehran since she was arrested in October of 2019, in the midst of a nationwide crackdown against the celebrities of Instagram. His widely followed account on Instagram it contained photos of her in ways altered drastically, often with a lot of make-up and costumes of their represented (Angelina Jolie) like a zombie,” described the non-governmental organization on Fatemeh.

Through social networks, the Centre for Human Rights shared a publication in which explains that “Sahar Tabar”, as it was known in their social network, faces charges for carrying out their freedom of expression, encourage the young people to perform acts outside of reason, missing the established and sacred in Iran, in addition to obtain income illegally.