Dragon Ball is added to the MEME of the africans who carry a casket: VIDEO

In social networks circulates the stop motion of the characters of Dragon Balldancing like african men Ghana, before the death of Krilinwho is inside the coffin.

In the remembered scene when Freezer destroyed Krilinmaking it explode, only this was a version with collectible toys playing such a scene, where it sounds the couple of the song Astronomy of Tony Igy.

Is observed to lead the coffin or casket to Goku with Vegeta and behind them the God of destruction Bills along with Piccolo.

Scarlett Johansson dancing with Krilin

In the account of Black WidowS Store, also arises another version of the same Krilin dancing with the one who seems to be the figure of Scarlett Johansson with a bathing suit style bikini color white and other anime character, in that they are just dancing, when suddenly, there is the Android number 18, who is also his wife and go out again Goku and his friends carrying his coffin.

Krilin kicks dog of Keanu Reeves

In the last scene of this funny Stop Motion, it will be appreciated to the doggy style of Keanu Reeves under a sphere of the dragon, when Krilin you try to take it, however, the dog growls he kicks him, effective in banishing him to fly; Bulma that is very close, is surprised and appears Keanu Reeves, well, you know what happened after that.

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