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The film Focus: masters of the scam it occupies from several days ago, the first place of preferences of the users of Netflix in several countries of the world. And it is not surprising, because, as the protagonists have to Margot Robbie and Will Smith, two true luminaries of Hollywood that joined talents to make this entertaining comedy full of adventure, suspense, action and also romance.

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However, when we see something as shocking in the film, a few times we in the process leading to realization, and much less in how the actors on the screen came up there. So it is worth reviewing how the Oscar nominated Margot Robbie achieved the leading role of the film and, since as you say, that was not easy and happened the of Cain.


By many anecdotes you’ve read on how the actors live in the selection process for the films, we can assure you that what happened Margot Robbie for ‘Focus: masters of the scam’, is on another level. In an interview to the magazine Entertainment Weeklythe australian actress said that when she received the call for the audition, it was many, many miles from New York. “I was on a trip of mochilera for a week with my brother on an island in the outskirts of Croatia”, it contextualizes.

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“Were 24 hours most crazy of my life because I had been swimming, I returned to lodging at 6 to.m. and I didn’t sleep. I turn on my phone and had several messages: ‘they Want you to do an audition Focus: masters of the scam. Your flight leaves tonight. There is only one catamaran (boat) to the mainland and out in 20 minutes”recalls. The pressure was a thousand, because, with a bad over-night and in a remote island, Margot Robbie had to cross a continent, and give the best for the casting of a film along with Will Smith.

And the odyssey to Margot Robbie was only just beginning. “So I grab my things and I go out running and taking the catamaran, taking a bus to the airport, I arrive at the airport and I hope six hours. Flight to France and I hope other six hours. Flight to New York, and when I get there, I realize that they have lost my luggage. My shoes were wet, my shorts were wet and had no makeup or clothes”, account.


The difficult journey had become an obvious bad mood to Margot Robbie face of the casting. She estimated that he had had only six hours of sleep in the last two days… but still missing the cherry on the cake: Will Smith I was going to be late. “He comes in and says: ‘sorry, I’m late, I come from Queens’. And I look at Will and say to myself: ‘Yes? Well, I come from an island off Croatia and I’m here to time’”, remember.

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However, both bustling and adrenaline it seems that finally played to please the actress as the producers of ‘Focus: masters of the scam’ were delighted with his casting. “When they hired me they said that they liked my audition. I thought, ” So I got the job, because it seemed like a shit and I called Will Smith an idiot?’ It worked well. I moved to 101%, I guess,” ends.


The film, which today occupies the first place of preferences in Netflix it is 2015 and tells the story of a veteran con man who welcomes an attractive young woman under his protectorate, but things get complicated when the two begin a romance.

It all begins when Nicky (Will Smith), a consummate master of the scam, falls in love with Jess (Margot Robbie), a novice in the craft. While teaches you the tricks of the job, she wants to shake too much ties with Nicky, and it breaks all of a sudden the relationship. Three years later, the woman who had lit a flame in him, turned into a femme fatale, reappears in Buenos Aires in a circuit of races in which there are stakes very high.


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