Fortnite: how to get the skin of Deadpool X-Force [GUIA]


Many of you have already had the opportunity of unlock the aspect characteristic of Deadpool in Fortnite during weeks 7 and 8, but the Marvel character you still have content to where the fans can purchase.

On the challenges of the week 9 Fortnite, players will be able to choose a new variant of design inspired by the parody that he did Deadpool in the X-men in the movie Deadpool 2.

The variant white X-Force will launch with two stylesone with a mask and another without itsimilar to the mask Deadpool. The challenges of Week 9, which were filtered to the start of the week, will require players to find the shorts Deadpool and greet your pants in the game.

As with previous weeks, the location of the first challenge of Deadpool can be found in the tab Pass battle.

For week 9, players should look inside the room, Midas, after selecting it in the “Agents” tab, and shorts of Deadpool will hang over the chair next to her.

The second part of the challenge requires the players to track the pants of Deadpool, that are tied to the posts of flag in the game, and use the gesture of “Greeting” in front of them.

During the last update, the pants of Deadpool have been added to different locations in Fortnite, with a pair found on top of the Mountain Kay and another on a roof in Sweaty Sands, however, you only need one of them to complete the task.

Where to Greet the pants of Deadpool

Once you’ve completed these challenges, you will be rewarded with the mask X-Force Deadpool you can find in your Locker.

The acquisition of Fortnite of Deadpool was scheduled to run until the season 2 ended on April 30, but after Epic Games announced that it would extend the season, it is unclear how many challenges and rewards will have the superhero Marvel.

What next musical event in Fortnite?

Epic Games has announced a collaboration with the rapper Travis Scott, that will become the latest addition to its series Icon skin, and will present a series of musical events on the island Fortnite, which will debut in a new song.

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