‘Frankie Drake Mysteries’ return to COSMO on the 22nd of April


The detectives of Toronto, in the year 20 return to COSMO. The third season of Frankie Drake Mysteries premieres tomorrow, April 22, and new episodes promise to to take their characters to places where they had not been up until now, and to investigate cases that put them in contact with new characters. Frankie, Trudy, Mary and the forensic Flo continue working on issues that, many times, are related to the situation of women at the time.

The season will start in style with Frankie in London, investigating the disappearance of a friend of the times of the war on the side of Agatha Christie. While Mary, who continues to pursue his dream of being a police officer really, he is taking more and more confidence in themselves in the case, Frankie and Trudy will meet with some customers quite peculiar, and others that are not wheat clean.

Frankie Drake Mysteries highlights for the remarkable presence of women not only in front of the camerasbut in the paragraph of the writing and direction of the episodes. Their creators are Carol There and Michelle Ricci, who had already set off on foot above the other police series of the era, The mysteries of MurdochSpain has issued Paramount Network.

The third season of ‘Frankie Drake Mysteries’ premieres on the 22nd of April, at 22:00 h., in COSMO.