Great commotion! Cameron Boyce is remembered by his colleagues at Disney Channel during a live

The name of Cameron Boyce to date, continues to resonate in the hearts of hundreds of fans and within the industry hollywood, after having died, in 2019 because of a strange disease.

There is No doubt that the legacy of those who to interpret Luke Ross on “Jessie”, will be present in the memory of the guild which makes life in the medium of film.

The admiration for the u.s. was recently shown in a transmission, in vivo carried out in the framework of the actions that take place several personalities of the show aimed to raise funds for the fight against the Covid-19.

Through a live performed by “The stars-in-the-House”, a project that seeks to gather a capital, to help the guild of actors affected by the pandemic, the star of Disney he was remembered by his peers.

Several colleagues who had the opportunity to work with the actor born in California in the famous production house of Mickey, agreed that what is most highlighted in his personality was his kindness and good heart.

Peyton List, who played the older sister of the character of Cameron in the series, admitted that he left great teachings. For his part, Karan Brar, revealed that he made a tattoo in his name.

As expected, fans of Boyce were very excited to through the social networks, claiming that the artist’s work will be remembered forever.

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