Great job! Maluma unveiled one of its best kept secrets


Maluma it is one of the latino artists with the greatest international success. His songs have transcended all boundaries and today is one of the musicians with the highest number of followers on social networks despite the fact that their songs are only in Spanish.

In an interview with CBS, the colombian was in charge of explaining one of the best kept secrets of his career, why he doesn’t sing in other languages. “Three years ago, I went to Los Angeles and I did seven or eight songs in English… When I heard them I thought ‘God this is not me’,” he said.

“I felt as if it were the competition of Justin Bieber or something,” added the singer. “At the end of the day I’m latino. I think that is my essence, I can conquer the world by being myself and singing in Spanish,” said the colombian.

Of all ways, Maluma he confessed when he made the click to continue singing in their language. “One time, I was quite confused with my career. There was a day that I thought ‘Should I start to sing in English?’ and the little time it was my first concert in Israel, and ffue as ‘By God… if Not they will sing my songs’,” he said.

“After that, I went to the stage and in that place there were 30 thousand people, was a huge stadium in Israel. All sang every word of my songs in Spanish,” he added. “That was the message that I needed to understand it … I’m proud of me and of my culture”, closed Maluma.