Hairstyles of Carrie Bradshaw is seen in Sex & The City


Carrie Bradshaw he stole the hearts of the audience of ‘Sex and the City’, not only for its good taste for dress and for his great personality, but to wear at all times a mane worthy of admire. Throughout all the seasons we watched as their hair is maintained in constant change, going for curls natural blowouts worthy of a catwalk.

If you ever obsesionaste with one of the hairstyles of Sarah Jessica Parker in the series, then you’ll love knowing that many of them are back and more current than ever. Here we will share some in which you will be able to inspire you to see yourself in the mirror as one of our favorite characters.

Waves marked

Maybe this is one of the hairstyles more timeless that there are, but this 2019 has gained more strength, even above the hair completely smooth –that seemed to be the perennial favorite until recently–. The defined waves are currently used in both manes long as in short for to give texture to the hairstyle, a hairstyle badge in the style of Carrie Bradshaw.

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A hair with braids

A picked up he disappeared for a while, but he now returns for its elegance and sophistication. It is ideal to attend as a guest to a wedding or even if you are the bride –as in the case of Carrie–.

Carrie Bradshaw on the day of your wedding failed with Mr. Big

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Unlike the hairstyles half up, for this year, returning those charged volume, in which the frizz and the natural shape of the hair is celebrated and is carried with pride. The very stylish Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

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Long life to the natural hairand especially to the curls. This season, more of a celebrity he walked down the red carpet and on the street, showing off their spiral nature. Between them, Bella Hadid, Zendaya, and –of course– Sarah Jessica Parker.

The protagonist of Sex & The City, Carrie Bradshaw

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Bun high

While the collected low reigned during in previous years, the hairstyles high are all that we have seen. From sleek were ponytails to buns, the new thing is to carry a picked up the top half of the head.

Carrie Bradshaw with the hair completely collected

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A good hairstyle done with dryer always note, and Carrie Bradshaw do not hesitate to resort to this procedure to be flawless whenever I wanted. Just a a strip in the middle and a round brush to wear a hair with a lot movement.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker performing one of their iconic characters

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Waves effortless

Unlike the waves marked, the version effortless is much more relaxed and walks away completely perfectionism. This result is achieved in two ways: or having the wavy hair natural or techniques without heat, that will help make tresses while you sleep.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in the movie Sex & The City

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