Help! Salma Hayek uses Instagram to resolve the situation in your home


Mexico city.- Salma Hayek decided to make use of one of the tools that come first to your head when you have a problem in full quarantine– On social networks.

Through your account Instagramthe actress asked the help and advice of his followers, not knowing exactly what to do in an extraordinary situation that took place in your home.

The protagonist of Frida revealed that the female of a couple of ducks that wanders through your garden put an egg and abandoned it, so now I don’t know how to keep it alive.

I need an advice. A couple of ducks passes the time in my garden. Today she laid an egg and was. How can I save the future baby? Is something cold. Do you put the egg inside and keep it warm or wait for them to return? They have been away for half an hour,” wrote Hayek in the description of the post, in which he added a photo of the duck and a egg.

Several internet users responded to the call for help of Salma, and was advised that not to interfere in the situation, so as to allow nature to take its course.

Other users of the network took less seriously the questions of the actress and made comments in the tone of mockeryand even some said that better to eat the egg.

Source: Instagram @salmahayek