How much money does Gerard Pique?: 5 data of his Fortune


Gerard Pique

  • Net Value: $40 Million
  • Born: February 2, 1987
  • Wife: Shakira Isabel Mebarak
Gerard Pique

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The fortune of Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique it is one of the captains and concerning the FC Barcelona, club in which it is formed and in which it is disputing your twelfth season.

In addition, it is one of the emblems of the Spanish selection, where he made his debut in 2009leads 102 parties and conquered the World cup south Africa 2010 and the European championship in Poland and Ukraine in 2012.


Getty ImagesGerard Pique lifts the World Cup in south Africa

Despite being a great player and already be in big history for being part of the best Barcelona of all time directed by Pep Guardiola and by get, up to the moment, the only World cup with his country, the defender born in the Catalan city, has a significant sum of money in his possession and is in the news frequently for their business.

The net worth Gerard Pique is $ 40 millionaccording to the calculations of The’s Richest and Celebrity Net Worth. Though several media, and even the footballer, ensure that account with a higher figure to 76 million euros ($82 million).

In 2018 Pique renewed with the team fc barcelona until 2022, at which point it will be 35 years; the defender went on to have the second clause of rescission of the highest in the club (Of eur 500 million, 543 million of dollars) after the Lionel Messi (700 million euros, 761 million dollars).

  1. 1. More money than Espanyol in 2019

The past march that year, the central defender dropped a phrase that gave that talk in Spain when asked in the program The Resistance (Movistar+) driven by David Broncano about “how much money you have”…

Pique I have no doubt and until he blurted an irony to the derby city: “In heritage I have more than the budget of Espanyol this year”.

Quickly in the program sought the figure with the club “Perico” for the current season, so that Pique remained firm: “No, there are 57, there are many more”.

  1. 2. The fortune that you have next to Shakira

  1. Along with the colombian singer, whom he married in 2011 and they were the parents of two children, Milan and Sasha, have an important capital.

Due to his prestigious musical career of over two decades, Shakira account with a net worth of $ 300 millionaccording to Celebrity Net Worth.

  1. 3. Become an entrepreneur in the tennis and cinema

Pique he is also the president of the Group Kosmos, a company that bought the rights of The Davis Cup for the next 25 years and radically changed the format in which it was played.

The Davis Cup is the project of my life” he acknowledged the footballer days before the debut of the tournament that he developed his final stages in Madrid between the 18 and 24 November and in his country to claim the title.

Also part of the producer Kosmos Studios, that was the famous minidocumental “The decision“ where Antoine Griezmann he confessed at that time that, despite rumors, was still in the Atletico Madrid and not passed into the FC Barcelona.

The Decision. Antoine Griezmann.“I’m going to tell the truth.” The Decision. Antoine Griezmann. 14 June, 21:15 CET. Movistar+ @zero #LaDecisión (Only for Spain and Andorra).2018-06-14T13:58:36.000 Z

4. Family with a lot of money


Getty ImagesGerard Pique next to his mother, Montserrat Bernabeu and his son Milan.

Gerard is the son of Joan Piqué (prestigious attorney) and Montserrat Bernabeu (head of the Brain Injury Unit of the Hospital Institute Guttman).

In addition is the grandson of Amador Bernabéu, who was vice-president of the FC Barcelona, steering Royal Spanish Football Federationcurrently delegate Relations FC Barcelona with the UEFA and one of the key figures to instill the passion for football and the fc barcelona club to Gerard.

    1. 5. Your new business in the category real estate

In this year it became known that the central thrust in the area of real estate. According to the website specialized in the matter, the ensures that Pique bought a residential building in the center of the city of Barcelonain a value close to the 15 million Euros.

The property is located in an area with great demand and has the necessary licenses to make a total reform in order to build luxury apartments.

The reduction in salary due to the coronavirus

In the middle of a war with the leadership of the FC Barcelona, Pique along with a large amount of co-template headers for Lionel Messirecognized that lowered their wages in a 70% so that the club can better address the economic losses.

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