How to detect Time Travellers


When I was born the millennium, such a John Titor go through the forums of a still rudimentary Internet saying that vein in the future. At the outset, we limit to describe how was the machine that I allowed to make the trip, but then started to make predictions. It was another eslabn ms in a string of mariners temporary -real or fictitious – that dates back, at least, to The machine of the time, by Herbert George Wells (1895).

Titor stated that approached events catastrficos for Humanityas a Third World War around 2015. Said nothing of the coronavirus, by the way. But in those times, twenty years, thousands believed him.

Multiple postings of Titor disappeared after the ao 2001while some of their fans had saved these messages in their albums personal. And fenmeno that arm around her still moves every once in a while certain corners of the web that remain vidos of this type of characters.

(The most curious can check out the video below, which explains how it was the machine time Titor).

Of course, if I had to list the amount of self-proclaimed time travellers that appeared later, did not reach the space of this note. Suffice it to say that since then it has attempted to report their presence in photos and in films such as The circus, of Charlie Chaplin. In this last case, the fanticos underscore the step of a anacrnica woman who is talking on a cell phonealthough the film is 1928. Mirala pass and sac your own conclusions:

It has even been reported that celebrities such as Greta Thunberg they are, in reality, beings who come from the other point of the calendar. To sustain this thesis, the crdulos are based on old photos that seem to show it in another centuryout of context. The resemblance between Greta present and the “past” is certainly noticeable.

Greta at the beginning of the TWENTY-first century and…in the early TWENTIETH century?

A party for time travellers

Maybe the solution ms elegant this mystery has been the one that gave a few years ago the physicist terico Stephen Hawking. The celebrated thinker compr champagne, balloons and even arm a minced designed to entertain the travelers of the time, that they would walk by our present.

In creole: arm a Party to nmades temporary.

But for unmasking the imposters, aadi a clever detail: sent the invitation cards newly the other daso that they were humans from the future who is aware of the holding that Hawking had prepared the day before.

You understand? Made the party a gives but mand the invitation to the da following.

The night of the experiment, Hawking and his friends set the table, waited and waited, but no one knock the door. Not appeared on any of their guests. For the researcher, this is proof of that it is impossible to travel from the future to our present.

Otherwise, the mariners temporary not have been so rude and will accepted the glass of champagne!