‘I am Betty, the ugly’: why not go out of fashion? – News series


The tv series remains the most watched content on Netflix.

I am Betty, the ugly, tv series created by the late and acclaimed colombian writer Fernando Gaitan, still a phenomenon of consumption after more than 20 years after it premiered. At that time the story of Beatriz Aurora Pinzón Solano (Ana María Orozco) and her boss: Armando Mendoza (Jorge Enrique Abello) marked a before and an after, not only in the colombian television, but also in other countries and even continents.

To summarize his success, I am Betty, the ugly located since 2010 in the Guinness Book of records, considering it as the soap opera, the more successful of the history taking more of 28 accommodations in the world, has been dubbed into more than 20 languages and seen in over 100 countries; this includes an unfortunate mexican version and an american, produced by Salma Hayek call Ugly Betty with America Ferrera as the protagonist, and that lasted for four seasons. Not bad for an economist who went from assistant to a fashion company.


The tv series is not precisely had something new, but the pen of Gaitán had wit and cunning tremendous for the melodrama. Fernando, who by the way has another phenomenon of television Coffee, with aroma of womannever saw it coming, the resounding success of his tv series, which led to a sequel called Ecomoda, a cartoon: Betty Toons and a work of theatre with the original cast that during 2017 and 2018 swarmed the ticket office of the theater in Colombia: something never seen before.

I am Betty, the ugly like that Coffee, with aroma of woman formed part of the contents of Netflix to Latin america between 2015 and 2016, but eventually they were removed after the rebound of the platform and the creation of original products. It was also not a secret that in those years the service had a category quite robust, soap operas, national and international, which were the most consumed.

The irony came in the last half of 2019, when Netflix joined the most recent remake of I am Betty, the ugly, entitled Betty in New York, u.s. production of Telemundo and starring by the mexican actor Erick Elias in the role of the head of Betty. The product immediately became among the most seen of the platform and was part of the trends, what is not imagined is that in order to October of the same year, taking advantage of this success, Netflix returned to your catalogue, the original production of colombia, competing in some way with its latest adaptation, and stealing the eyes of the audience of other products.


Seven months after his re-entry to Netflix, I am Betty, the ugly still among the most viewed of the service. Those who know the tv series again to see and those who do not, is curious, because in the end it is a product charming with endearing characters, written with coherence (within the sham that they represent), and without falling into the cartoonish. The journey of the wizard of singular personality and limited physical attributes to become the owner of the company fashion and get the love of the boss, it is a Cinderella story modern, but it is also a bit reductionist to define it in such a way.

When compared with other television products in the guise of series as The queen of the south, The lord of heavens or, more recently, The club and The dragon: The return of a warrior, Betty continues to have a freshness that evades the violence of the tv series mentioned above, and is unlike any format of soap opera, because even the humor that characterized suddenly could be compared to a sitcom and it is so now you may be labeled as tv series.

It is addictive and cruel above all to portray the standards of beauty that the protagonist obviously lacked, but the comedy of their characters is functional as The peliteñida (Lorna Paz), a kind of villain that has the best moments and dialogues from the tv series, Armando, Marcela Valencia (Natalia Ramírez), who was the partner of Betty and by whom is disputed the love of the chief, or Nicholas Mora (Mario Duarte), the best friend of Betty and a great character that remained in the collective memory of all those who’ve already seen the tv series.

Gaitán succeeded in the brilliant way that various episodes focus on a board of results of a company, maintaining the tension, comedy, drama and a timing among the actors that clearly reflected the great work that was in the text, but undoubtedly the factor of his success after two decades, is the empathy and laughter that the series generated; it is as reacquaint yourself with an old friend. In addition, clearly the love story (it is true that fairy tale) dressed of humor is a formula that does not expire. I am Betty, the ugly is still available on Netflix and it would not be wrong to give him an opportunity or will visit you again.