I Bad Bunny is the star of the pop world’s largest!

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio was packing groceries in a supermarket and was attending the university when you uploaded a song to SoundCloud in 2016 under the pseudonym of Bad Bunny. The song, “Say”, he accumulated more than 1 million listeners and caught the attention of a couple of producers known.

Just two years later, appeared in the song not official in the summer, “like” Cardi B, and finally this year he performed alongside Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in the Super Bowl.

The rapid rise of Bad Bunny underlines the enormous power of digital media is this era. Social networks and streaming services have made it possible to launch music easier than ever. In addition, the loops of TikTok and the stories of Instagram have also strengthened this possibility.

These new applications have also made it more difficult to measure the success. Who is really a great business? Does the young hip-hop with 10 million followers of Instagram, or the old rocker who sells a show club?

That is why the company Bloomberg created the “Pop Star Power Rankings”, a new table that measures the rise and fall of the musicians most requested in the world. Each month, they publish a list of the 25 pop stars of the world’s largest, as determined by six criteria:

– sale of tickets

– sales of concerts

– sales of albums

– streaming Spotify

– interactions of Instagram

– YouTube view

It should be noted that although the coronavirus has stopped touring in the foreseeable future, the first edition includes the tours that occurred earlier this year.

The scope of Bad Bunny extends throughout the Spanish-speaking world. It was the most popular artist in more than a dozen countries on YouTube last month, including Argentina, Guatemala and Spain. It is worth mentioning that if you love the artist, with flvto-mp3, or with other converters you can download music from YouTube to your cell phone or PC

Its appeal extends beyond Latin America. Managed to impose 8 different songs in the top 50 in the lists of Spotify in the us. UU the week that ended on the 5th of march, thanks to the release of his new album, “YHLQMDLG”.

That album became the best-selling book number 4 in the united States last month, further proof that Bad Bunny has crossed over completely to the music market, the world’s largest.

The you are not alone. The star of the reggaeton colombia J Balvin is also among the top 25, while his compatriot Karol G sits just outside. This list is almost completely global, so that also you will get to see BTS, the boy band of South Korea, at number 18, and Andrea Bocelli, the singer of the Italian opera, at number 24.

Please note that this list does not include all of the great artists of the world. Some artists don’t have new music or not you are touring. Rihanna and Beyonce will be in this ranking surely will soon.

With this guide, Bloomberg seek to determine the cultural influence and the potential return of the pop stars of the world’s largest.

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