I super jealous! Shakira and Nicky Jam were interrupted in this way by Gerard Pique


The Spanish interrupted sharply to the colombian while he was working with Nicky Jam

According to the rumors fans of the colombian star Shakira, her partner and father of their two children, Gerard Piqueis a man with a very jealous because he still can’t get used to everything the way how it’s presented Shak in their live shows.

In a video that viralizó in the networks we are able to observe how Shakira had to deal with your husband at the exact moment that was interrupted by him while he was recording “Faithful dog” with Nicky Jam. Could it be that could not bear the jealousy?

Shakira took with grace to that moment, they both see that they are happy in the relationship and together have avoided as much as possible the controversy. These two artists decided to privatize their relationship and go that has worked, although, of course, there will always be those who speak badly of them.

Despite rumors of alleged infidelity that has existed between these two, they seem to give little importance and continue demonstrating to the world how happy they are as a family.

Shakira and Pique when they talk about each other in interviews seem to be very happy, despite the years that have living together, just the two of them do not lose the habit to make jokes between them and to show their mutual love.