Jennifer Aniston shared her secrets to staying in shape


Jennifer Aniston is one of the benchmarks of style most recognized in the last decade, as well as one of the actresses more talented and versatile. With 51 years old, possesses a timeless beauty worthy of recognition, the fruit of a privileged genetics and a strict personal care.

Leyon Azubuike, his coach for several years and founder of the program of boxing Gloveworx, is in charge of directing their exercise routines on a daily basis. The actress dedicated an hour and a half, the seven days of the weekthe various activities of toning, aerobic, and yoga, complementing the training with a diet very healthy and balanced.

When you wake up, minutes before your morning meditation, Aniston usually drink on an empty stomach a glass of hot water with lemon. Foods rich in protein are dominating their meals, while sugar is the first thing that you seek to avoid at all costs.

If your two great passions are the yoga and the boxingthe interpreter Rachel Green frequently runs out of exercises localized strength: abdominal V, plates of 2 or 3 minutes, squats, wheel abdominal, among others. In its turn, tends to include elastic bands once in a when, therefore, the words of their coach, “make it possible to achieve a rep range more wide and burn more”.

Another of her favorite activities is jump ropein the beginning it cost him his adjustment to the rhythms and repetitions. Through the method of the muscle confusionhis coach , seeks to vary the exercises with the goal of “surprise” to the body and to avoid monotony, fatigue and boredom.

How do you do? First train on train on top, then the bottom, then goes to the boxing, then jump rope, and so on. The spinning and the treadmill are also your basic weekly.