Jennifer Lopez in the style of mama smurf, love it with the crop top and chain

Jennifer Lopez, keeps your audience to your expectation. Well, took advantage of the shelter house to share a video that announces the fourth season of World of Dance. Since then, I could not miss your unique outfit, more beautiful than ever the style of mama smurf, love the crop top and chain.

The fact is that a year has passed since Jennifer Lopez loved in the third season of the already-known program. However, the wait is over, because this summer he returns with everything. Hence, they are suggested to his followers to stay alert, as it will announce the official date of the premiere.

Jennifer Lopez in the style of mama smurf

Without a doubt, Jennifer Lopez does wonders in this program, as it not only produces it is also part of the jury, and without fear is very direct with the contestants. In the transmission we will be able to see the different styles of dance. Such as ballet, jazz, urban dance and many others.

Best of all is that there will be a favorite for all types of public, since, the age is more than varied, from children to adults. What’s up? What makes it a reality quite at odds, and that will keep the attention of the public. Since then, we are talking about professional dancers, and very high expectations.

For its part, Jennifer Lopez, looked lovely in the promotional video, in the style of mama smurf. Since, the blue was the protagonist in her outfit, with some accessories in gold. For example the chains on his neck and on his pants. In the end, even the slippers were of blue color. Very cute!

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