Jennifer Lopez invests in to be first lady of the New York Mets

According to the report of journalist Scott Soshnick, published by the popular weekly Variety, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, they are raising money through the financial services company JPMorgan Chase, with the firm intention to make an offer of purchase by the New York Mets.

There are No details on the possible negotiation but it is clear that Rodriguez and J-Lo would need the support of several partners billionaires to be able to stay with one hundred percent of the franchise.

Materialize the couple’s arrival to the Mets as owners, Alex Rodriguez would be facing Derek Jeter in the same division, this time from the offices. It is expected that in the next few days there are new developments regarding this possible move, which undoubtedly would revolutionize one of the franchise’s most in a row in the MLB.

The baseball team new york belongs now to Fred Wilpon, a builder real estate, whose family announced last December that it aimed to sell 80 per cent of the same to the philanthropist and manager Steve Cohen, reported Variety. However, a couple of months after the transaction did not come to fruition.

The couple of Alex Rodríguez, and Jennifer Lopez could not directly purchase the sports entity, but would have to bid for the same through an auction, as explained by these means. Between the two accumulated an estimated fortune of about $ 650 million.

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