Jennifer Lopez sued for using a photo without permission for his Instagram


It is not unusual that the ‘celebrities’ use of images that are not your property to show off in social networks. To Jennifer Lopez, you can go face the joke to hang in your Instagram a snapshot without the permission of the author. Because you photographer has decided to bring the matter to the courts.

It is Shutterbug Steve Sandsalready filed the corresponding complaint in federal court in Manhattan Monday, through his attorney, Richard Liebowitz. As set out in several u.s. media, as a ‘Page Six’, the ‘paparazzando’ claim about 160,000 euros for the rights of the image more the costs of the proceedings arising from the trial.

Sands alleges that the artist gained a revenue of more than high, as measured in more than To 600,000 ‘likes’ which garnered the publication, and that he, the creator of the image and therefore the holder of the publishing rights, not perceived a penny from a JLo who even asked permission to use the photo.

The defendants did not identify the provenance of the photo of plaintiff used in your web site, nor the defendants had the permission or consent of the plaintiff to publish the photograph on its web site”, can be read in such a demand that already was warned Lopez for months (as he picked up the journal, ‘The Blast’ in October), and before that he ignored. By the time, your environment has declined to make a statement about it.