Johnny Depp breaks record of followers on Instagram on her first day | Today


April 16 will be marked as the day that the actor who embodied Captain Jack Sparrow, broke record of followers in its first day on Instagram.

It is well known that the actor takes care of as gold your privacy, but now, perhaps at the request of his eldest daughter Lily Rose Depp, already has a social profile. This can certainly be up to therapeutic, because let’s remember that went wrong due to the false accusations by Amber Heard.

Your first post was a photo of him surrounded by candles and accompanied with this enigmatic text: “Hello to all… recording something for you now, just wait a moment”.

Shortly after, Depp published the promised video on that account the reasons that have been encouraged now to enter the world of social networking, your point of view on the pandemic Coronavirus and gives its fans a musical surprise.

“I think I had never thought of any particular reason to join social networks until now. Now is the time to open a dialogue, while the threat of this invisible enemy has already caused countless tragedies and damage in the lives of the people. Through love and empathy, we will help each other and we will survive”.