Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin enjoy a lot of the confinement


The quarantine for the Coronavirus has made the artists have to postpone their plans for the coming months. It is the case of Justin Bieber, that instead of doing the tour that was planned by the united States and Canada and which would confirm their return to the music, has remained in his home, with his partner, the model, Hailey Baldwin.

Justin Bieber continues to on top of the top artists from all over the world, but now enjoys this success from your home. A few months ago he released his last album became a worldwide success, and although their plans were other, finally has not been able to conduct the promotion, or professional projects that you would have liked.

However, now the canadian artist has much more time to be with your partner. And away from the quarantine make much of a dent in your relationship, what is certain is that Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are better than ever.

The artist also went through a very difficult time with his illness that kept him away from the press for a long time. Now returned and are more active in their social networks, where you share as it is being quarantine and they make Hailey and him to have fun in your home.

Hailey Baldwin has become the main pillar of the life of Justin Bieber, and both have conquered millions of people, it seems that the artist finally have a healthy relationship. In addition, Hailey has changed its priorities and has led in a good way.

To quarantine is made more enjoyable, both perform different choreographies to share with their followers through Tik Tok and that have thrilled their fans to see that each day are more united.