Kate del Castillo: “I’m going to come out a graduate of a housewife in this quarantine”


Kate del Castillo is one of those people that when he does something he wants to do well. Therefore, during the quarantine imposed by the authorities of the USA, where she lives since several years ago, the mexican actress, has been committed in dedicating every morning to his house and the rest of the day to his other passions.

“If I continue so I am going to quit graduate of ‘housekeeper’ (housewife) of this quarantine. In the morning I am dedicating to my house, something I had not had time,” said star and producer in an interview with Efe.

“Because in the evenings I dedicate myself to my career. I have more work than I thought and I am very grateful,” added the actress on her television producer and his company of tequila, two passions that fuel, and the “hold the rope” in these times of coronavirus.

Between all those work demands unexpected, he confessed, are the promotions of a new version of the second season of “the queen of The South”, the Telemundo network will pass from this Tuesday.

“I think it was very successful return to the story of Teresa Mendoza and enrich it with new scenes,” said the artist when talking about the return of “the queen of The South 2”.

“You’re going to see things they took out in editing, and that were not originally matters of time. I am excited because there is incredible stuff in there,” he completed.

For her, in these moments that “the people need entertainment and the queen it is: pure entertainment.”

However, he has the feeling that the productions that will be made in the future will show the change that she hopes to “live in society”.

“For me, people are going to want to see things that inspire them. They are not going to want anything with matadera or things that are toxic that you troubled and do,” he said.

Precisely, in this wave I was already in The Castle when it was decreed the quarantine. And is that from last year he works with his producer Cholawood Productions on several projects, among which stands out the dark comedy “Arms of a woman”, which will be the first original series in Spanish of the new platform of “streaming” Peacock of NBC.

“When the whole thing started, we were already almost ready to go to Miami to start recording the series at the end of may,” said the artist, who in addition to producing is the main protagonist.

“I know it’s going to delay everything, but I feel that it gives us the opportunity to make a pre-production superb. Create chapters supersólidos. I’m fine with that,” he said.


Another slope which left the coronavirus is the tour of his monologue theatre “I’m OKate”, in which presents to the public the explosion that was to his life have been linked to the drug lord mexican Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, after his third capture and subsequent extradition to the united States in January of 2018.

This situation forced her to seek refuge in his house in Los Angeles (USA) for several months, during which he was harassed by paparazzi. However, it rejects that this situation has prepared for the current quarantine.

“At that time I was alone against the world. It is now the world together against a common enemy”, it feels very different.

Even so, said that for the first time in his adult life would have “hated being alone” during the pandemic.

“I am very ermitaña. I do joke that I don’t get out of my castle. I’m always in my house. I know how to be with me and I like it,” he revealed.

“But I was lucky that I had a friend living in my house when they gave the order of confinement. This is tremendous, but it would be worse without anyone”, he completed.

Yes, all of your reflections in these times come to a conclusion: “people are not going to be able to stay in your house for a long time. It is inhuman. Not being able to be with loved ones, embrace kiss. Nobody is ready for this or you can live this way.”

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