Kim Kardashian made tutorial of makeup and her daughter spoils it all


Kim Kardashian, like other celebrities, is taking of the best way their quarantine because don’t want to get coronavirus (Covid-19) so that the passes very well in the comfort of your home because it shows in their social networks, although not going all that well.

And is that Kim wanted to entertain their fans through a tutorial of makeup, but when I want to look professional everything turned out otherwise as his oldest daughter North West interrupted the video.

In the recording which he gave around the world you can see Kim hiding in one of the rooms of guests you have in your luxurious home, but North the found, and you asked very friendly that not interrupted, but the child did not care to spoil the work of your mom.

Kim asked North several times that he had left his mom alone to make your tutorial because I wanted to have fun, so the little decides to leave and let the socialite who was happy, because her makeup was spectacular.

“For things like these is that I’m not going to have children”, “These videos remind me of what is important about the birth control pill,” Until Kim does not support as to their children,” he wrote, internet users to the wife of Kanye West.

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