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Lady Gaga intends to re-make history in this 2020 and is on track to achieve this. After disappearing from the focus of the media after winning last year the Oscar for best song with Shallowbelonging to the film A star is born, and ask to be allowed to the margin of the separation of the actor and director Bradley Coooper and the model Irina Shayk, last march, surprised his followers with a new topic, Stupid Lovehis first creation after the disk Joanne published four years ago. But his return to music has not been the only thing that has paved the way star Gaga. At the end of last week, the artist managed to raise nearly € 120 million thanks to One World: Together at Homethe concert is virtual, and beneficial against the coronavirus that organized and coordinated, along with a hundred musicians, actors, athletes and famous faces of the entertainment.

And not to forgot the other sector is essential in the cause: the political. The star spoke directly with some of the world leaders to join forces to One World: Together at Home and support the global fight against the Covid-19. “President Emmanuel Macron, last year you showed your leadership in the battle against pandemics. Now we need to support this global fight against the Covid-19 through the UN. We are all in this together as citizens of the world”, wrote Gaga on Twitter mentioning the French president.

So, to the beat of tweet, and under the watchful gaze of their more than 80 million followers in this social networkthe interpreter Born this way also addressed to the president of the European Commission, and Ursula von der Leyen, and the canadian leader, Justin Trudeau, among others, political as well as business leaders and philanthropists. “Thank you for the funding of ECCE [la organización para las innovaciones en preparación para epidemias]the UN what you need, and everything that Canada is doing to stop the Covid-19 to the plan #aplanalacurva. Can Canada provide new funding to bring vaccines and save lives in the poorest countries? We are all in this together as citizens of the world”.

And, once again, Lady Gaga’s got it. For more than seven hours a hundred artists performed from their homes to thank the work of the medical services from all over the world in an event that was broadcasted by the three major television networks in the united STATES and major platforms streaming. Gaga, who gave the starting signal sitting at his piano singing Smile, that sad hymn optimistic, again to achieve what he knows best to do: to unite its audience around the music.

The same music that has accompanied him throughout his 34 years, both in good and bad times. When I was a child, has Gaga the magazine Instyleprobably would have had the desire of wanting to become a singer, but the little Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta of New York city could not have predicted the scope of its impact: to become a living legend to the end of their 20 years, with five studio albums, all reached the number 1 in the Billboard charts with songs that were to be transmitted to 32,000 million times. Nor imagined that he would win 11 Grammys and making history as the first person to take home two Grammys, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and an Oscar in the same year.

After that in 2016 Gaga present her latest album, and the more sentimental, Joannein reference to his real name, there came a stage in which needed to “heal their wounds” and “crying” as she herself explained at this time. And it is almost considered an expert in the art of resilience. Suffered bullying in school, his first music recording contract broke up before releasing any work, suffers from fibromyalgia, which forced him to get off of the scenarios in 2017 and at the age of 19 she suffered a rape that was followed by the consequent syndrome, ptsd, and depression. “I think it took me a while to mourn for things that happened to me. I could not be angry with me more time, no matter how long it took me to realize”, he says in the same magazine in his interview a few weeks ago.

The little star is rebuilding. In terms of brand, got a two-year residency concerts in Las Vegas, he recorded the documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two, launched their brand of cosmetics vegan Haus Laboratories and knocked at the door of Hollywood with the movie directed and co-starring Bradley Cooper. On a personal level, his life also took a turn of 180°. After breaking its commitment with Cristian Carino and after a few months of relationship with the sound engineer of your team Dan Horton, Gaga comes out since the beginning of this year with the tech guru Michael Plansky, who attended the celebration of the Super Bowl. The couple spends the confinement by the pandemic coronavirus board, and so allow a view of both in their social networks.

Asked about what remains to be done, the singer found his answer in the philanthropy. “More music, more films, more charity with the Foundation Born This Way [una organización sin fines de lucro dedicada a empoderar a los jóvenes y apoyar la salud mental y el bienestar]. I want to help fund more research about fibromyalgia, neuropathy and chronic pain by bringing together a team of doctors”. To marry and form a family is also in their plans.“I’m very excited to have children. Isn’t it great what can you do? Bring to a human being and make it grow”.

Gaga, who campaigned for Hilary Clinton in 2016, reveals in the interview that the policy is also in his mind, although in this election campaign has not yet endorsed any candidate. “It also depends on us to lead this country. Give so much importance to the government as the dominant force and omniscient that directs our lives… just not what I do. I think that we have the power to decide how is the culture of this country. We have the power to decide how to treat each other socially,” says a possible future candidate. For the moment, it remains focused on the music waiting for the release of their sixth album Chromatica, which was scheduled for April 10, but has postponed his departure because of the coronavirus.

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