“Live Aid” by coronaviruses: the event that brought everyone together in spite of the confinement, (+Videos)

Lady Gaga, Niall Horan, Maluma, Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, Charlie Puth, and more artists were presented.

The “Live Aid” held this Saturday due to the pandemic caused by a coronavirus (covid-19) has joined the many artists and fans despite the confinement. In addition, it has also been created in support of the workers of the health.

Titled “One World: Together at Home” and organized by the u.s., Lady Gaga, entertained thousands of people around the world who felt and shared the special moments by using the hashtag #TogetherAtHome in social networks.

“Do you really realize the power of Lady Gaga to put together an event of this magnitude in the middle of a pandemic?, Of truth that I’m a fan of the right woman. #TogetherAtHome,” wrote @raualarcon on Twitter.

Adam Lambert, Rita Ora, Kesha and Luis Fonsi were some of the first singers to appear in this charity concert of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Liam Payne, exintegrante of the popular band One Direction (1D) sang “Midnight”, getting various positive comments from their followers. Your excompañero, Niall Horan, also joined with “Black & White”.

“The people who say she has no talent, is all well at home? Literally Liam breaks it at all #TogetherAtHome,” wrote a user on social networks.

The composer of country music, Billy Ray Cyrus, father of singer Miley Cyrus, impressed the audience by dedicating his emotional song “Sunshine girl” to the medical staff.

At 7:00 p. m. the K-pop (Korean popular music, in English) said this with the group SuperM, formed in 2019. The band performed the song “With You”.

Entering the last hour of the initiative, came to Lady Gaga with “Smile”, followed by the performances of Paul Mccartney, Stevie Wonder, and Elthon John with its iconic “I’m Still Standing”.

The couple formed by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello made use of the piano to accompany “What a Wonderful World”. By his side, Taylor Swift played the same instrument to sing, “Soon You’ll Get Better” from their latest album “Lover”.

“We’ve seen acts of courage, love, bravery, in doctors and nurses”, “we Want to overcome the pandemic, tonight we are not only to raise funds, this is an event that we bring to all the world,” said Gaga.

Singers american

Luis Fonsi came in the first hour of the concert by sharing his great success “I don’t give up”, and then return singing “Softly”.

Later, he participated in the colombian Sebastian Yatra with the song “Steal a Kiss”, and around 7:00 p. m. appeared again to give away “One year”.

Hours later, followed by the composer and musician, Juanes, with the single “future’s past”, his eighth studio album. Close to 6:20 in the afternoon, also sang “It’s for you”.

At 8:20 p. m. Maluma presented “Carnival” (2014), in the midst of singers, English-speaking.

“Colombia present”, “Viva Colombia”, were some of the reactions of fans on YouTube, during the proceedings.

Themes from soundtracks

Charlie Puth was moved to more than one singing “See You Again”, a single that he released with his friend Wiz Khalifa, to be a part of the soundtrack of the movie “Fast and Furious 7” (2013).

Later, following the soundtrack, Ellie Goulding shared the version acoustic of “Love Me Like You Do”, main track of the famous film “Fifty shades of Grey” (2015). A couple of hours later, passing back to the English with the subject “Burn”, released in 2013.

Around 5:50 p. m., Rita Ora and Liam Payne teamed up to sing “For You” from Fifty shades freed (2018).

Messages of support

Between each musical space, messages were sent informational, preventive, and support in relation to the coronavirus (covid-19) on the part of foundations, health authorities, and policies.

After their performance, the puerto rican Luis Fonsi also took the opportunity to thank the medical staff who works day-to-day in fighting the pandemic.

As well as he, the most famous dedicated a message to “the workers who are on the front line” before or after your presentation.

Within the ads, highlighted the use of a scene from the iconic animated series “Spongebob Squarepants”, in which the protagonist is taught how to wash hands properly, making a clear reference to one of the prevention method most recommended by the health.

To users of the networks also liked the explanation of the washing of the hands of the stars of the World Wrestling Council (WWC), the main promotion of professional wrestling in Puerto Rico.

“All the people of the world are uniting to defeat this pandemic covid-19”, “anything small can make a difference,” said one authority, long after the first performance of Ellie Goulding.

Natti Natasha, J Balvin, and Becky G, separately, also gave words of encouragement and informative after performances of various artists.

Grand final

To conclude the event, the three drivers: Jimmy Fallon (NBC) Jimmy Kimmel (ABC ) and Stephen Colbert (CBS), talked a little, and presented it to Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, John Legend and Lady Gaga, who interpreted the famous song of 2004, “The Prayer”

“We dream a world without more violence a world of justice and hope. Each one of the hand of your neighbor, as a symbol of peace and fraternity”, it indicates a part of the musical theme.

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