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There is No doubt that the “eyeliner” of Ariana Grandeit has become a feature iconic singer. It has also inspired the different looks of the night.

However, to get a outlined perfect, symmetrical and uniform, it is essential to manage the technique and apply more of a trick.

In this context, the make-up artist of Ariana, Daniel Chinchilla, revealed to the portal English PopSugar, how to get that stripe in your eye is perfect.

It should be noted that the makeup artist began to work with a Great 7 years ago. However, he acknowledged that she always liked to put on makeup that way. “The eyeliner is a thing of Ariana, I love the cat’s eye”, he said.

Even so, he admitted that the style of the singer of “Thank U, Next” took years to develop, and has been evolving over the years.

“At the beginning we were looking for something more natural, but as time has passed, we have been established until get a curve iconic“ acknowledged Chinchilla.

In addition, he explained that the delineated “cat’s eye” has become a personal signature. For this reason, he was appointed ambassador of the brand KVD Vegan Beauty.

In this way, commented that the constant practice has helped him to develop. However, he acknowledged that there is a surefire trick to make this “eyeliner” in your houseand in a very short time.

Ariana Grande | Instagram
Ariana Grande | Instagram

The trick

In the first place, you have to choose the right product. In this context, recommended use an “eyeliner” thin, to be able to draw the line with more precision.

Subsequently, the make-up artist revealed that the trick is to use a small piece of masking tape as a guide. You have to paste it in the corner of the eye with the inclination that you like.

In this way, you’ll avoid the excess of the product and the stroke in your eye is deviated. In addition, you will get a stripe symmetrical on both sides.

It should be noted that it is likely that you will not find it in the first attempt, but with lots of practice you’ll be able to get a perfect resultlike the Ariana.


What you should not do

On the other hand, Elicer Prince, makeup artist, official Guerlain’s Spain, revealed through The Country, some things you’re doing wrong at the time of delinearte:

1. Stretch the eye towards the sides: if you do, the drawing will lose its shape when the eyelid to return to its original position.

2. Lowering the head: the result will be much better if you look up, you observe the better your eye, the root and the tab.

3. Apply directly on the skin: if you still don’t have a lot of skill, it is best that you draw a guide line with the eye pencil. Later you can complete it with the eyeliner.

4. Use a brush: if you don’t manage to play the technique, it is best to use eyeliners in format marker, since they have less of a fixation.

5. Start on the tear: the make-up artist recommended to delineate from the outside towards the inside, since you will achieve greater symmetry in the look, and you’ll get a thicker trace on the outside.

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