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The movie universe of Marvel is continuing to grow and introduce new stories. After phase 4, it is believed that the franchise will introduce to the famous X-Men. A dream of the fans that finally would become reality.

One of the most iconic characters of these mutants would be Wolverine, who was portrayed by Hugh Jackman on countless occasions. However, never came to share the scene with the other superheroes of classic Marvel.

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wolverine old

As to the possibility of being part of the MCU, the actor made it clear that he would return to play Wolverine after Logan (2017). “I knew that the time was right to leave the party, not only for me, but also for the character,” I declare to the portal Daily beast.

After these words, stated that he has problems with another actor to give life to the famous mutant in the future. “Someone else will get the role and will work with him. Is a character too good to not do it,” he explained.

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In this way, all the rumors about a possible appearance in the franchise of Marvel Studios are totally discarded. On the other hand, fans are left to wait for a nod or reference as seen in Deadpool (2016).

Who is Wolverine?

James Howlett also known as Logan, he lost his memory because of the program, Weapon X. Since then, he has tried to regain it by joining the group of X-Men led by Professor Charles Xavier to protect humanity from the mutant evil.