Meet the new and mysterious love of the singer


Lady Gaga located in the happiest moment in your career and apparently not afraid to make it known, as recently pointed out that in addition to already found the love of your life; the famous pop singer has not hesitated a second in showing off his courtship with Michael Polansky in social networksthat has generated a multitude of reactions in the press shows and their fans.

Gagaconsidered one of the most international artists more important pop current, is often reserved with his private life, however that seems to have changed, and it matters little to him what people think, because it is sure of itself, in each publication that shares.

It was during his appearance on the program MSNBC’s Morning Joewhere Lady Gaga given to know that he is living a great moment in your life, because that is happy to share his life to the side of the millionaire Michael Polansky:

With Born This Way Foundation, my mother (Cynthia Germanotta) and the co-founder Maya, whom I love very much, have been working with me and with the love of my life on something related to mental healthsaid the interpreter Born this way.

The relationship began in 2019

Sources close to Lady Gaga ensure that the relationship with Michael Polansky, who graduated with a degree in Harvard in Mathematics and Engineering, began at the end of 2019, and now you both are going through the quarantine in the mansion that the artist has in Malibu, California.

The artist has surprised their followers in social networks, where he has done some publications in which he gives us to know some details of the relationship and how they go about living in quarantine:

We are together and strong, playing video games, or card games. Caring for ourselveswrote Lady Gaga along with a photo where she is happily accompanied by.

One World: Together at Home

The isolation of Gaga did not prevent the singer to organize the event online One World: Together at Homea series of concerts on the internet that was transmitted throughout the planet, the last 18 of April, which was aimed at raising funds for the World Health organization.

During the broadcast, tens of artists of international stature, joined in support of the initiative to educate and inform the population about the risks, prevention and response by COVID-19. The result? We managed to raise 128 million dollars to support the health workers who struggle every day against the pandemic.

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