Miley Cyrus decides to put makeup on Cody Simpson and this is the result

It is clear that we are running out of options to entertain us during the quarantine. What before seemed to be a real plan to cope with the running of the bulls in our houses already begins to become bored, and there are those who in their attempt to bring the confinement in the best possible way does not stop to innovate. An example of this is Miley Cyrus.

The singer like the rest of people of the great majority of countries of the world is locked in the house to contribute and help extinguish the coronavirus. The singer has also had the luck of having with a great company with which to share their day-to-day. This is his partner, Cody Simpson.

Miley Cyrus make over Cody Simpson

There are many images that come to us from the couple since they are both very active in social networks and tend to involve their followers in their day-to-day. The complicity is something that stands out in every image or video of the couple in addition to confidence. A good example of this was the change of look with which he dared the singer and which was commissioned to carry out Miley Cyrus transforming the famous mane your boy’s in a classic cut.

Miley Cyrus shows the result

Apparently Cody Simpson was happy with the result of your new look, and now the couple has decided to go one step further hand in hand with creativity. The singer has been launched to make up to her boyfriend and the camera of your mobile phone has once again made a partaker of it to their thousands of followers, which have been able to enjoy the process.

A red lips and a mask of tabs quite marked, have been responsible for putting an accent to the new look of the singer. Without a doubt, Miley Cyrus is proving to have a great potential in terms of styling is concerned and have no doubt that it will not be the last experiment you do with your partner, as we still have a few days of confinement to finish with the coronavirus and creativity don’t have limits!

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