Miley Cyrus introduces you to the Heroes that fight the Covid-19

The american singer, Miley Cyrushas proven to be a tireless advocate of the quarantine, for that reason, in the weeks since they are doing interviews in his new program “Bright Minded: Live With Miley“. There not only fun to his followers, but also gives many recommendations for this confinement.

In a new edition, the young star showed a section called “Highlighting Heroes” or “Heroes Highlights”. Yesterday afternoon, introduced to one of the doctors that fights the Covid-19 in the Estates of America. The specialist Oscar Matias, who works in the hospital in New Orleans, shared his experience with Cyrus.

Matthias confessed that it was painful to see the city as lonely and without life, “Is a city full of night life, music, are street vendors, people who is only out there to serve the tourists and suddenly we have this situation shocking that it seems that it has frozen everything,” he explained.

He continued, “But you can still see the energy in people trying to overcome this and trying to make things better.” He also told how his hospital had been transformed into a centre dedicated to treat the Covid-19. In addition to this, commented on how difficult it is for patients to be alone with the medical staff, without their families.

Miley Cyrus took the opportunity to highlight the importance of staying at home, and about the possibility of being an asymptomatic carrier, which may affect other people. Also recall the minimum measures necessary hygiene, you should have all the people. To finish your “In Vivo” the celebrity promised that he would speak with more “heroes”.

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