Miley Cyrus is bored in quarantine!… And you do it with your boyfriend! Look at the photos


No one would allow that Miley Cyrus bored. Because it rots the ranch! But look at what that has done to her new boyfriend, Cody Simpson. It is logical that for Miley the normality that we all know does not exist, and this is something that seems to have in common with Cody. When he began this new loving relationship, we all thought that the singer had calmed down a little the rebellious spirit… but the truth is that there was only taking a break to return to power.

And is that the latest photos of the couple were a real scandal in the nets!

The way that it has found the actress to make more bearable the quarantine is posing and doing a pose like never before to the singer. The australian fell into the trap Miley and ended up getting makeup as if it were a beauty salon.

In the pictures you can see Simpson not only with the makeup of a woman but… you dress like a! Although the freedom of equality is something that is part of the modern world, found it strange to see the Gold Coast with that style. It is assumed that the objective of the former Hannah Montana it was, in addition to have fun, to protest against the masculinity toxic that still reigns in many places conservatives.

During one of their initiatives in times of isolation, Miley Cyrus took advantage of a talk by video call with Hailey Baldwin in his program Bright Minded: Live with Miley, to tell what is your true relationship with God for the last time.

“I had some gay friends in the school. That is the reason why I left my church, were not being accepted. Were being sent to therapies of conversion. I also had difficulties to find my sexuality”, had the singer. Although he did not rule out his return to the faith. He ended by saying: “So I think that now if you tell me that I have allowed to redesign my relationship with God when you are a grown up and make you feel more acceptable to me, would make me feel less turned off by the spirituality”. The church of Miley! Where do we sign up?