My Chemical Romance puts on sale masks subjects and will donate the proceeds


The iconic alternative rock band joins many other musical artists and bands that have done something to try to help the people affected.

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The sanitary contingency has severely affected the entertainment industry and among the most affected is the music. Inside the how there are already several musicians have been unemployed sadly. It is for this reason that My Chemical Romance sell a mask theme and the proceeds will be donated to the relief fund MusiCares C0V1D-19, created by the Academy of Recording Grammy.

However, these masks were created long before the pandemic began. To the members of the band, this action has a double sentimental feeling, as the original idea was from the manager of the group, Lauren Valencia, who unfortunately lost his life last year to cancer.

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And although the original idea was that the masks protect the public from the dust in a show that was to take place in the desert, which never happened due to social isolation and the mass cancellation of events that were across the planet.

These face cloths are for sale within your official web page in it, the rockers made reference to the coincidence of the situation and even called her friend, as a kind of “prophet”.

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“We are living in strange times, times alienating, fear times. These masks were a creation of our beloved Lauren Valencia, who perished before this madness, not the pandemic, but of evil more ancient than the cancer is. We had these masks made to keep them dust free in the desert, a show that never happened, that will never happen, a protection that then seemed exhausted. And here we are, with these masks, as if Lauren out prophetic, or if unknowingly we were waiting for the right moment. MCR will donate all the profits from the masks to the relief fund MusiCares C0V1D-19”, explained by the musicians from your web page.

The face cloths were made of a black fabric the inside has the initials of the band written on with white ink. While on the outside, there is drawn a pair of teeth simulating those of a vampire.

“Warning: it comes to facial masks and fabric. Are not N95 or antimicrobial. Use them in a responsible manner. There are guidelines in the web site of the Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on how to properly use the cloth masks. Please síguanlos”, explained a way of prevention in the same publication.
Even Frank Iero, the guitarist of the group, through its official account of Instagram promoted the product with a photo.

“Now in the web store @mychemicalromance. A tribute to our amazing friend Lauren Valencia. All proceeds from these masks will go to the relief Fund MusicCares C0v1D-19. We hope you can provide a fraction of the good LV shared with the world. Hugs and kisses,” wrote Iero.

The above mentioned fund was created by the Academy of the Grammy awards to help those who need it most within their industry.

“While the Academia of Recording is best known for the television broadcast of the Grammy Awards, serving the music community throughout the year, to provide emergency assistance through MusiCares, the advocacy work that we do to protect the rights of musicians. Join us to help keep alive and thriving in the music community, by returning everything that gives us”, explained in a press release.

For its part, the group also suffered the consequences of the global emergency, because they had to postpone some shows that were part of his long-awaited tour of reunion. However the dates of June onward, still standing.