My songs futboleras favorite


Catalina Uribe

Football and music have a symbiotic relationship, so much so that almost all the clubs in the world have a topic that your fans sing at full lung and that sums up the passion of that team.

This connection is not foreign to my taste, so I have chosen the three songs futboleras that the more I come to the soul.

The first is the faithful reflection of my rocker side and classic. It is ‘We are the Champions’ by Queen, the anthem of football for excellence that the iconic british band included in 1977 on the album ‘News of the World’, and that has become the favorite for the celebrations of the titles around the world.

If the first song makes me feel in a stadium, the second brings back memories of my first world cup as a sports journalist. This is the ‘Waka Waka’, the official song of the World Cup 2010 south Africa, performed by Shakira.

And it is this song, I remember with great affection, since it sounded every time I started the transmission of the matches in which it was my first world in this work.

Another interesting fact of this topic, in which video clip took part Lionel Messi, Dani Alves, Rafael Márquez, Gerard Pique and Carlos Kameni, is that the romance between the football and the music was consolidated with the beginning of the relationship between the colombian and the defense of the Spanish Barcelona at the beginning of 2011, but that it is known precisely thanks to this song.

I would like to close with the tune that connected me with the team of my loves. It is ‘Millionaires’ will champion’, a tropical theme that became successful in Colombia in the 70’s thanks to the popular orchestra of venezuela Billo’s Caracas Boys.

In addition to being my favorite theme to celebrate when Milos conquest a title, especially the star number 15 in the colombian football, what I like the most is the story behind it, because it is, in reality, is an adaptation of ‘Magellan will be champion’, a song that the Billo’s had been devoted to the baseball team of his country.

After sharing my eclectic list of the three melodies futboleras me to reach my soul and make me dance, the question is: what is yours?