Navy Orta surprises its fans with a cover of Ariana Grande


Navy Orta is one of the young actresses that went on to become part of the family of ‘Love is forever’ in this eighth season in the role of Inma Ordoñez.

A character is sweet, innocent but brave and dreamy that dazzles every evening in the table of Antenna 3. Like his profile of Instagram where the actress never ceases to amaze us.

And is that Marina has a musical past is very important. I’ll tell you what videos have left us with the mouth open!

This is the version of ‘Hercules’ by Marina Orta:

Navy created its own header of ‘Love is forever’ inspired by ‘Friends’,the successful series of the 90’s

The young actress also added to the beautiful and exciting initiative of all actors of ‘Love is forever’

Their covers are their followers. So versionaba ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’