Novak Djokovic joins another initiative to help raise funds


The No. 1 in the world, Novak Djokovic, has once again taken a step forward to maintain the positive spirit around the world and inspire others to make donations to fight against the coronavirus. The Serbian joined the ALL IN Challenge, offering tennis fans a unique experience at the US Open .

There is a shortage of unprecedented food resources throughout the world during the outbreak of coronavirus. Therefore, the ALL IN Challenge aims to raise tens of millions of dollars to feed the needy during the pandemic.

Later, Djokovic joined the list of athletes to help the most needy in the united States through the challenge ALL IN. Like other celebrities, Djokovic also will donate his most prized possession through this foundation and will be challenged to create unique experiences that will be available for on-line auctions and as gifts.

Let’s see what offers Djokovic. Novak Djokovic offers a dream trip to the US Open “I am honored to be part of the challenge ALL IN. Unfortunately, many families in the united States are struggling at this time and desperately need our help and support, ” said Djokovic in a video.

He also urged the people to take part in the board and support this noble and wonderful initiative to provide the need and the right most fundamental to each person in the united States and around the world, and that is food on the plate.

“I would like to offer one more, a trip to New York for one of the largest tournaments in the world, the US Open, where you will be attending one of my parties, sitting in the player’s box at the side of my tennis team, next to my tennis coach Then, after the game, we will spend time in the dressing room of the players, talking about tennis with my team, ” he offered.

He also promised to bring the winner of the auction to New York, making sure that he or she will stay there for three nights. Revealed that the next day will spend some time on the tennis court hitting some tennis balls, they will spend some time.

“I’m also going to sign a pair of snowshoes and two times the computer of my party,” he added. “I would like to nominate Serena Williams, Lebron James and Gerard Butler to join the All IN Challenge.

With luck, they’ll all be in as well. Please donate in ” concluded Djokovic. Recently, Djokovic has donated large sums of money in his homeland, Serbia, and Italy, to fight against the pandemic.

The contribution of Djokovic during the public crisis is very much appreciated. We hope that more and more people to contribute in any way to help those in need.