“Oh, I’m not going to allow!”: Oh Lizy Tagliani put the points to another guest in PH!


This last Saturday saw a very special moment on Can we Talk (PH), the program leading Andy Kusnetzoff through the screen of Telefé. After a few weeks of doing the program in a virtual way, because of the pandemic coronavirus, finally, the guests returned to be present in the study, one of them was Lizy Tagliani.

Mauro Szeta, Santiago del Moro and Cris Morenawere the other celebrities present on the night of the channel of the balls. As expected, the humorist and host of The Price is Right, was one of the big protagonists of the night, and was commissioned to make everyone laugh their peers. Above all, when he told one of his appointments failed.

“I have a lot of appointments failed because to me the face I took care of the cu…”, he began by saying the comedian. “I was in a bowling alley with some friends, when I was going out and I met a boy, a spectacular, so cute. I was with taco, wig, red mouth, I felt that it was Britney Spears. What crazily fell in love with, was one thing of a passion, the boy could not believe that I had ever met, and he was fascinated,” he said.

“He sent Me a message to come back to see us, we arrange an appointment I told her that I happened to find. I say, ‘no, I can not get in a mini-skirt, I want a boyfriend, I want you to know that I am a woman of your house’. I wanted to enamorarlo more, I wanted marriage already. I duchy, pelito wet, a little shirt, a ojotitas, natural. Zero makeup, with a perfumito. So low, he touched the goalie and I told him, ‘love, I’m already going’,” he said.

It was at that moment, when Cris Morena decided to interrupt. “How do you love? But if he had appeared the previous night”, raised the producer without being able to believe what I was hearing. “He was the man of my life! Don’t let you mess with the man of my life!”, put the points Lizy Tagliani with his well-known sense of humor, and continued with his story. “I got off the elevator, the entrance of the building was glass, I saw him, we connected and he saw this girl and teen angel, who approached and said: ‘hello love’. I said, ‘I pull over and come from’, but it is so complicated the transit that doesn’t get place… never again!”, launched.