“Oh, size XL!”. Shakira dares and teaches what never seen: a Look at the photo!

April 21, 2020
(14:04 CET)

On more than one occasion we have collected in Daily Goal some of the eccentricities of the colombian singer Shakira. The couple of Gerard Pique has some products fetish that you do not avoid investing the money that has been earned with sweat and effort on the stage.

For example, feature in the environment of the couple that we love cars. And not vehicles either. Mercedes it is the brand that more like to the artist and is, as counted from the press South americahas neither more nor less than four models (plus other brands): A S 600, a SL 550a SLK convertible and a GLK. Added together, the resulting figure is about to 430.000 euros.

Mercedes Benz SLK

Crazy add-ons

But there is more. To the of Barranquilla I dig the bags. And here you also have a favorite brand: the Spanish firm Balenciaga. And considering that it has about 500 models different and that each round the 1,500 eurosthe investment amounts to figures stratospheric. There is talk of an investment of around 700.000 euros in handbags.

And following on the plot of add-ons, and also shoes they are one of the great passions of the south american. They say that the couple of Gerard Pique you have more of 350 pairs of different brands. And as happens with cars and bags, Shakira also have one manufacturer that stands out above the rest: Jimmy Choo.

Shakira used “size XL”

A brand whose models range from the 500 and the 1,500 euros per pair. Making numbers, they are almost 300,000 euros what has been spent by the singer as only footwear.

A few shoes some of which you can see in the following snapshot, where you can appreciate some of the pairs that saves Shakira in your closet. A footwear with some heels “size XL” that have left stone to more than one.

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