OMG! Demand Jennifer Lopez… just for a picture of Instagram!


Because everything seems to indicate that the system never rests, especially if it is about celebrities and watch everything they do. In this case, Jennifer Lopez is the celebrity that has been affected, as it has just received a demand for 150 thousand dollars, just for a photo Instagram! What was most surprising? This photo is 2017, so he spent two years unnoticed in Instagram… until now.

The matter is that Jennifer Lopez uploaded a photo to Instagram… but it did so without the permission of the photographer. Although Instagram is a platform where apparently all taken in all, the best will always be to prove the photographs and to give recognition to the authors of images, at least as a law of civility virtual. Jennifer Lopez overlooked this, and when you have millions of followers, of course, the exposure would have been crucial for the author of the image. In the photo, she appears in her character of “Shades of Blue”. The photographer in question is asking for 150mil dollars to repair the damage to the copyright. The matter is that the photographer is represented by an agency, so asking for permission was crucial.


Apparently, the real debate comes to the question if celebrities should take these actions lightly, or if they believe they are exempt from punishment for taking pictures without giving credit or asking for permission, even if they are of themselves. “This is an example of celebrities that use photographs from photographers without permission to be marked in the social networks. The amount of likes that you receive the photo along with your number of followers on social networks is a tool to market their publications,” said the lawyer who is in charge of the lawsuit, Richard Liebowitz.

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