Overview on resume the sport in the world


The Associated Press reviewed the situation of the sport in the world, probing the plans to resume activity. Most of the leagues have been developed, schedules are very optimistic that they aim to restart the games in a matter of weeks. The sports calendar after the summer in the northern hemisphere start on the scheduled date.

But officials confirmed, without repossessed, that their contingency plans do not have the same degree of optimism. Some of the options include the playoffs of the NBA in September and new queries for the award of the titles of the various football leagues.

FOOTBALL: The English Premier League trusts to resume on the 8th of June. The intention of the German Bundesliga to do so in may is in danger because the government extended to August, the prohibition of congregations massive public. If you could play, the matches in Spain will be without fans in the stadiums at least until the end of the summer, warned the mayor of Madrid.

In Mexico, the president of the League MX, Enrique Bonilla said recently that the health authorities they have not been given a probable date for resuming activities. But the owner of the Group, Pachuca, Jesus Martinez, revealed a couple of days ago that the consensus among the owners of the 18 clubs is the champion of the Clausura 2020 is determined to be in the field regardless that the Opening could be delayed, even up to October.

Similar to unknown covers to South america, whose leagues could continue to be paralyzed for at least a couple of months. And without an audience present.

There has been a tentative date to resume the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana, the two international tournaments of clubs, while CONMEBOL is confident that will be completed this year.

FIFA could face legal litigation if you endorse to extend the seasons when many of the player contracts expire June 30.

GAMES I SmeltMPICOS: The appointment of Tokyo that is scheduled to start on 23 July 2021, although some of the officials of the organizing committee, indicated recently that the COVID-19 will be under control enough to be able to mount an international event of that scale.

NBA: health Experts have warned that they may not be playing basketball until at least June. It is ventilated that the league considers various scenarios, such as a series of playoffs shorter, and compete in arenas without public.

MLB: have been raised, moving all 30 teams to the Arizona state and play until December, with the days with two games, game abbreviated to seven innings, and challenges of home runs to define the victorious u-duels who in other circumstances would extend to extra innings.

NFL: The contingency plan includes the possibility of one more season short and played in stadiums with empty or semivacíos.

TENNIS: With both professional tours halted, at least until July, the coach of Serena Williams has planned an independent league to play matches without the public from the 16th of may. Wimbledon was cancelled and the French Open was rescheduled to September 20.

CYCLING: The Tour de France will take place between 29 August and 20 September, instead of its traditional July date. The Giro d’italia and the Vuelta a España, the other Grand Tours, will be run after the gala round.

F1: Formula One has cancelled or postponed eight races. It is anticipated that many postpositions ending in cancellations, but the F1 still trusted in the power play between 15 and 18 of the careers of the 22 that were set in the original schedule. Theoretically, the season could start on the 28th of June with the Grand Prix of France.

Horse RACING: The Kentucky Derby was rescheduled for 5 September.

GOLF: The PGA tour wants to return on June 11th in Fort Worth, Texas, without spectators. Three of the big four have been rescheduled, with the PGA Championship in August.