Proposed cabins disinfectants in places with high concentration of people |


A project in the City Council argues that the municipality of Rosario evaluates the installation of cabins disinfectants mobile in the entrance to places where there was a high concentration of people as a measure to reduce the proliferation of the coronavirus and other communicable diseases.

The initiative of the edila Susana Wheel places the sanitation devices in certain as effectors of health, supply centers or supermarkets, and banks, among others, “to remove potential viruses attached to the body.”

“With this device, a kind of tunnel about a meter long and two high-approximately, each person would be steamed for just five seconds, by means of a spray mist spray with a sanitizing agent, organic that eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores that can be attached to your clothing or uncovered parts of the body ”, explains the project.

Wheel clarified that this measure” nothing supersedes the recommendations that come by daily, as the washing of hands,” and stressed that their initiative demand “to add a new element for the prevention of coronaviruscoronavirus in places where there was a high concentration of people.”

Clarified, in addition, that it is “a rapid method of disinfection of foods prior to its addition and clearing”.

In that sense, the initiative promotes the intervention of the public universities of Rosario (UNR and UTN) in the study and development of devices for disinfection of the mayor size to place also in the centers of concentration and distribution of fresh food as the Market of Producers of fruits and vegetables.UNR and UTN) in the

This would be to submit the products to a process of vaporizing a disinfectant before entering the marketing centres and to reduce the possible contamination during the manipulation and the arrival of the goods to greengrocers and supermarkets.

The aim of this proposal is to add prevention to the risk of contagion of covid-19 “with simple devices of disinfection, quickly and efficiently, that would provide peace of mind to those who have to stay in areas with concentrations of people or in the sights of the neighborhoods of the city as, in addition to the above, the dining and picnic community, where at certain hours there is an increase in the circulation of neighbours”.

The cabins

Each mobile unit consists of a module of tubular structure plastic sealed and covered in tarpaulin, with four peaks nebulizers pressurized, which must be activated to form a cloud in suspension on the person for only five seconds, making it perform the process of sterilization of the entire outer surface of those who enteraccurate the project.

The formula antiviral used, explains a press release, is made based inputs for easy accesslike alcohol, oxygenated water, glycerin liquid, distilled water or cold boiled water. “That is to say, is not toxic, does not stain clothing, is not irritating to skin or eyes and is not dangerous to the health of the people,” he says.

However, the recommendation is that this formula will be suggested by professionals from parameters already established –the method is already used in other countries by the pandemic coronavirus– or suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO).