Read by the ear at the time of the Covid-19


audiobookBy By Claudia Hernandez Maden*

Havana (Prensa Latina).- The expansion of the new coronavirus emerges is an unusual, but appropriate scenario for lovers of the audiobook world, thanks to the free provision of multiple companies of entertainment by audio.

At the time of the Covid-19, different publishing platforms driving their sound content to keep readers of all ages engaged with the social isolation and, of step, with their products.

Excels the publisher Penguin Random House Audio that promotes, through the free download, several classics of world literature taken to the audible output as The wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum, or the popular fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, narrated by a full cast of actors.

Also, recognized novelists, poets and authors of children’s literature used the social networks to share their stories and, not a few celebrities of the seventh art have lent their voices to the proposal that invites you to read by the ear.

While Twitter is known worldwide for its immediacy and informative, its relevance has increased in recent weeks when figures such as Patrick Stewart, star of the film saga X-Man and Star Trek, viralizó in his account of the reading of sonnets of the british playwright, William Shakespeare.

Also the american actress Scarlett Johansson, whose proven talent in front of the camera earned him recently a double Oscar nomination, he extended his prolific career to the narration of The adventures of Alice in Wonderland.

In the film, Johansson had taken on a role similar to when he starred with his voice to the virtual assistant Samantha on the tape Her (2013), alongside academy award-winner Joaquin Phoenix, a production which competed for the golden statuette in five categories and won Best original screenplay at the hands of the award-winning director Spike Jonze in the 71 Golden Globes.

In this way, the literary classic by Lewis Carroll appears with your version off launched by the project Audible Stories that, in addition, involved actors Rachel McAdams and Stephen Fry in separate narratives of Anne, of green gables and Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone.

The initiative is run by the production company Audible, managed by Amazon, which leads the retailer, the distribution and publishing of audio books as well as other payment programs around the word such, the scope of which goes beyond the borders of the united States and wins followers in countries affected by the SARS – CoV-2, among them, Italy, Spain, Uk, Germany or Japan.

Also, other familiar faces on the big screen hollywood stars such as Amy Adams and Natalie Portman lent her vocal talent for the campaign Saves with Stories (#SaveWithStories) that tries to help children with the stress caused by the pandemic, and raises funds for those without adequate food due to the closure of the schools.

In addition, the artists Jennifer Garner, and Josh Gad -who provides his voice to the funny snowman Olaf in the delivery animated Frozen – contributed to the actions with the reading of two stories and so they won their philanthropic work for Save the Children and No Kid Hungry; both organizations for the welfare of children.

While the army health pounds the battle against the pandemonium viral hits to more than 180 nations, humanity takes refuge in the profitable sectors of the culture and, in his eagerness, appeals to options as suggestive as audiobooks.

Today, these small pieces of art oral outlines a novel way to embrace the reading and detract from the epidemic that hits the headlines, forcing the closure of preventive and confined to thousands of families all over the globe.


*Journalist of the writing Culture of Prensa Latina