Recommendations: Good nature documentaries on Netflix


Nature always keeps us intrigued by the beauties and hidden secrets, continuing with the special we’ll leave you one of the best documentaries focused on her that are available in Netflix so that you can view in the comfort of your home:

Our planet: Using the best technology available was recorded in more than 50 nations exploring in depth the different ecosystems of our planet and home, and the threat that climate change represents, the Spanish-language version of latino in narrated by the well-known mexican actress Salma Hayek.

The land of Night: The darkness hides multiple secrets of nature, which will be revealed at last in this interesting series, where viewers know in detail about the night life of different species.

72 dangerous animals: With its two modalities, Latin America and Asia known to the most dangerous species of these continents, which with its claws, fang and poisons are powerful and spectacular predator.

72 Cutest Animals: The puppies of animals are at their most adorable, cute, and charming, a quality which by nature have, however this series explores that this has a purpose and role in their struggle to survive in their environments.

In search of the coral: The ocean hides many wonders like coral reefs, scientists, divers, professionals, photographers, and other specialists together to document the loss of it and the consequences of its disappearance.

What other titles agregarías ? Plus don’t forget also that you can check out our recommendations of documentaries based on real crimes and good series that you can find on the platform.